Episode 18 - Part 2

FIrst aired: 26th March 2012

Staying with CW Engineering, Rebecca takes a look around the factory and puts the weed screen cleaners under the microscope and sparks fly as we’re back at Fox Narrow Boats learn about boat lengthening.

Filmed in March 2012

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Episode 24
First Airing: 18th June 2012
Our ever-intrepid Rebecca Bruce is let loose in the London Canal Museum - packed with fascinating exhibits from the world of narrowboating. Then, it's all aboard with John Checkley who takes us on a small tour of North London courtesy of the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust. Then weigh anchors for Roydon Marina Village, in the northern end of the Lee Valley Regional Park, 'London's biggest open space'! Before a look back at some of the fun times and bloopers from the making of the series. Enjoy!